MOTU Ships Upgraded Sampler

MachFive 2.0 is now available with 32GB of sounds and many new features      23/10/07

MOTU Ships Upgraded Sampler

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MOTU tell us that they are now shipping MachFive 2.0, a major upgrade to the award-winning universal sampler instrument. They say that version 2 is a tour de force of new features, including 32GB (four dual-layer DVDs) of included sounds, unlimited parts per instance, a new graphics engine, full-screen editing and programming, a new modular synthesis architecture, keygroup layering with rule-based switching, a complete built-in mixer, 47 effects including convolution reverb, LoopLab groove slice engine, sample time-stretching, unlimited multi-point envelopes, stand-alone operation and many other new features.
Here’s all the details in their own words…
Universal compatibility
MachFive 2 is a universal audio sampler with unprecedented compatibility and interoperability with all major plug-in hosts, sound libraries and sample formats. MachFive 2 supports every major software instrument plug-in format platform (MAS, VST, AU, RTAS and DXi), as well as stand-alone operation on both Mac OS X (with full Universal Binary support for G4/G5 and Intel CPUs) and Windows (XP and Vista, 32 and 64 bit). Users can effortlessly move from one platform to another and collaborate with colleagues who use different audio software or even different computer operating systems. With stand-alone operation, users can build Mac- or PC-based systems designed solely for large-scale sample playback with MachFive as the software front end for the system.
32GB of included sounds
32GB (four 8GB DVD’s) of sounds and loops are included. The DVDs include a staggering array of multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases, including premium material recorded at 192kHz. DVD 2 provides a stunning 24-bit 96kHz 8GB sampled grand piano. DVD 3 supplies surround instruments and loops, hi-res (96/192 kHz) electric piano, guitars, basses, drum kits, and percussion. DVD 4 provides the VSL™ Orchestra MachFive Edition: an exclusive collection of expressive orchestra sounds from the most respected name in orchestra sound libraries.
Direct sound library support
MachFive 2 opens and reads all major sampler library and audio file formats directly, including Giga 1/2/3, EXS24, Kontakt 1/2, Roland S700 series, Akai MPC, Akai S series, Kurzweil K2xxx series, E-Mu, Ensoniq ASR, SampleCell II, MOTU Symphonic and Ethno Instruments, SoundFont and UVI soundcards, among others. No conversion is necessary. MachFive 2 can even read legacy sampler discs (Kurzweil and Roland). Mac OS X and Windows can't read them, but MachFive 2 can. There is no need for time consuming file format conversion. Users can load presets directly from the disc and even create and save disc images to any hard drive. MachFive 2 will read directly from the disc image as if the CD were in the drive.
Special attention has been paid to compatibility with GigaSampler libraries, especially keyswitching and "dimensions". Users can open their GigaSampler, EXS24, or Kontakt instruments in MachFive 2 directly and preset characteristics such as key switch, release, and trigger-speed sample switching are faithfully preserved and ready to go.
Advanced preset browsing
Users can quickly load the preset they want by choosing from a hierarchical pop-up menu. If they wish to browse, they double-click to open MachFive's new full-screen preset browser, which fills the entire window with a semi-transparent, multi-column list for browsing soundbanks, preset categories and presets. Users can add favorite folders, libraries or disk volumes - including iso disk images of their favorite legacy sampler discs - to the left-hand column and browse them directly, with no conversion necessary. Users can even browse and load instruments and loops from the MOTU Symphonic Instrument and Ethno Instrument libraries, if they own them.
Unlimited parts
MachFive 2 lets users add unlimited parts to one instance of the plug-in (or the stand-alone application), eliminating the need to open multiple instances when more than 16 instruments or loops are needed. Version 2 also supports 256-note polyphony per part, unlimited sample keygroups, unlimited sample keygroup layers and - depending on the host software - up to 200 discrete audio outputs and 256 separate MIDI channels.
Full screen editors
MachFive 2 delivers the very latest cutting-edge sampling technology by merging four worlds of advanced sound design: samples, loops, synthesis and effects. Users can import, edit, synthesize, process and play multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases in MachFive’s unified, intuitive environment. MachFive 2's editors give users precise control of their instruments and loops. From sample-level precision to global management of multi-layer presets, MachFive's Sample Editor, Mapping Editor and Loop Lab Editor make instrument creation and management a breeze. All three editors can be expanded to fill the MachFive 2 window for detailed editing, or users can pop them out as a completely separate full-screen window, which can even be positioned on a secondary monitor. All three editors feature unlimited undo and redo.
Loop Lab
The unique Loop Lab lets users freely and easily edit REX, ACID, UFS and Apple Loops, or create their own by simply dropping the loop into the Loop Lab - even if the loop has not yet been sliced. Loop lab instantly maps slices, and finds or sets the tempo. Users can perform destructive or non-destructive sample level editing. Time-stretching can be applied with no artifacts. Once the loop has been edited to taste, the AutoPlay features can trigger the loop when playback starts in the host sequencer application, or each slice can be triggered from a MIDI controller. Users can drag audio files from Loop Lab to their desktop or audio tracks in their host sequencer. They can even drag a loop into a MIDI track, where it appears as MIDI notes that trigger individual slices. Users can then play the loop one slice at a time to customize it or completely reconstruct/deconstruct the loop by playing the slices in a different order.
Keygroup layering and rule-based switching
Samples are mapped to a keyboard using a simple two-dimensional matrix (pitch versus velocity) to create a keygroup layer. MachFive 2 adds a third dimension: multiple keygroup layers. Users can create an unlimited number of keygroup layers and then program advanced, dynamic, rule-based layer switching algorithms that respond dynamically to the way the user plays to produce the most rich, expressive and responsive instrument sounds ever. For example, a user could load various articulations of an instrument into several layers and use key switches and/or mod wheel to instantly change articulations (layers). MachFive's keygroup layering and rules programming dovetails with native Giga format libraries build with multi-layer "dimension" presets, allowing users to load complex Giga presets directly while preserving the dynamic multi-layer programming. Users can also quickly combine single-layer presets to easily create new multi-dimensional presets.
Integrated synthesizer
Users are not limited to mapping and layering samples when building multi-layer instruments: MachFive 2 provides synth keygroup modules that allow users to freely combine and stack synthesizer sounds with samples to build complex layered instrument textures. Two different types of synthesis modules are provided: analog-style oscillators (with waveforms like sine, square, sawtooth, triangle, and noise) and expressive organ emulators with full MIDI control of the level and panning for each harmonic. A percussive organ mode further expands the possibilities. Both kinds of synthesis can be combined and layered with each other - along with samples - within the same instrument preset for ultimate flexibility for even the most advanced sound design.
Modular synthesis engine
Users can apply MachFive’s powerful synthesis engine to any sample, keygroup, layer, loop or preset using 2 filters, 14 filter types, 24 combinations of filter/drive topology, 8 LFOs, 6 syncable envelopes (multipoint or AHDSR) and pitch processing. The expanded envelope editor allows users to click anywhere on the envelope graph to create an unlimited number of envelope stages and then drag them to create any desired envelope shape. Envelope stages can even be synced to the the host software's tempo.
Advanced modulation and MIDI control
Almost every parameter in MachFive 2 can be automated, modulated or both. To access automation or modulation controls for a parameter, simply right-click it. Users are not limited to MIDI controllers: they can also control their sounds with sources such as velocity, aftertouch (mono and poly), key, LFOs, envelopes and much more. For even more expression and control, MachFive 2 provides mappers, which let users remap the value range of a modulator to custom tailor its response. Using mappers users can create complex responses, such as velocity crossfades, using their controller's mod wheel. As another example, users could custom program the response of their pitch bend wheel, assigning independent ranges for pitch up and pitch down, or even creating step sequencer-style pitch modulation.
The MachFive Mixer
Click the mixer button to display MachFive 2's new on-screen graphic mixer, which provides a familiar and efficient environment for sub-mixing and managing MachFive's many sounds, including faders, FX slots, metering and unlimited channels. Using a conventional mixer interface adds a whole new dimension to the process of sound design, allowing users to quickly add instruments and loops, apply effects and mix everything into a cohesive sound, all within an ease to understand mixing environment.
Advanced, flexible effects processing architecture
MachFive 2 includes 47 real-time effects, from multi-band graphic EQ to tape delays to amp simulators to exciters to vinyl effects. Hundreds of factory presets are provided and users can save and recall their own presets. Users can place their sounds in real acoustic spaces, from renowned sound stages and classic concert halls to remote canyons and majestic cathedrals, all faithfully reproduced with stunning realism by MachFive’s convolution reverb. MachFive 2's powerful and flexible effects routing architecture lets users apply effects throughout the signal chain, from an individual loop slice or sample all the way up to an entire performance. Four effect slots provide quick access to settings with detailed, graphical effects programming for each plug-in just a click away. The new Multi FX feature lets users save up to four effects together as a single preset, allowing quick recall to combinations of effects. Over 100 factory multi FX presets are supplied.
Additional features highlights
MachFive 2 includes the following additional notable features:
  • Drag and drop audio import/export -- MachFive 2 makes extensive use of drag and drop operations to and from the computer desktop and the host application, allowing users to move samples, loops and phrases intuitively and seamlessly within their music-making environment. All major audio file formats are supported (WAVE, AIFF, SDII, REX, Apple Loops, etc.)
  • Multichannel surround support with multiple outputs -- MachFive 2 provides support for multi-channel samples and loops for advanced surround sound design.
  • Batch import with automatic keyboard mapping -- users can drag and drop multiple samples into MachFive with user-controlled automated mapping to the keyboard using a variety of mapping algorithms, including advanced pitch-detection and velocity algorithms.
Pricing and Availability:
MachFive 2 is now available at authorized MOTU resellers for a retail price of $495.
Registered MachFive Version 1 users can upgrade directly from for $195. More information:

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