Auto-Strumming Guitar For KONTAKT 2

AudioWarrior releases 6 String Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar      06/09/07

Auto-Strumming Guitar For KONTAKT 2

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AudioWarrior have announced Acoustic Dreadnought, an Auto-Strumming/Chromatic 6 String acoustic dreadnought guitar KONTAKT 2 Instrument.
Here’s how they describe the features in their press release… Special Featured Virtual Rhythm Guitar
The 6 String Acoustic Strummer is a special featured virtual rhythm guitar that will Auto-Strum in any key and any tempo with a wide variety of songwriting chords that can be used to build complete rhythm guitar tracks via AudioWarrior's exclusive iStrum® MIDI Patterns and AudioWarrior's Pat Pending G-Mapped chords.
4-bar iStrum® MIDI Patterns
Using a standard nylon guitar-pick you can Strum the individual guitar-chords on your keyboard choosing from any chord from the included Pat Pending G-Mapped 'CHORD-BANK' or choose 'AUTO-STRUM' using the included dedicated 4-bar iStrum® MIDI patterns. Use the included collection or create your own patterns and export them to build an infinite library.
Ear-Catching Strumming Techniques
Using your favorite sequencer such as Pro Tools or Cubase, layer 'two' different iStrum® MIDI patterns in MIDI tracks to instantly create ear-catching strumming techniques.
Change Tempo and Keep the same Pitch
Simply type in the bpm of your song of your sequencer's transport and the chords will lock into that tempo but will play back at the original pitch, perfectly tuned, perfectly strummed.
The 6 String Acoustic Dreadnought KONTAKT 2 Instrument
is the first and only Literally "Strummable" Premium 6 String Acoustic Guitar for Native-Instrumets KONTAKT 2 ...warm, vibrant, resonating, rich, robust, musically pleasing, stunningly beautiful. Each sound with it's own unique character.
3,400 Automatic-Chord-Strummming Possibilities
An indispensable songwriting tool with more than 3,400 Automatic-Chord-Strummming possibilities using the included patterns. Have it Auto Strum or step record by manually strumming individual chords from the C3 position the way you want to hear it in your songs.
  • Large KONTAKT2-MULTI Chord-Bank plus Chromatic Patches.
  • Thousands of chord combinations possible.
  • Strum or pick chords directly on your keyboard [from C3] any way you choose.
  • Natively programmed as a playable performance instrument in KONTAKT 2.
  • For Mac OS X and Windows.
Pricing and Availability:
$49 CD/Download 24/7
Also included in the multi-title Master Songwriter KONTAKT 2 Workstation Sounds.
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