SoundBlade's Eight Channel option

Sonic Studio commences multichannel shipments      02/02/07

SoundBlade's Eight Channel option
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Sonic Studio have announced the release of their Eight Channel option for soundBlade in conjunction with the availability of new 8 channel hardware. They say that both products add new functionality to the already powerful soundBlade platform for audio production.
Here’s the rest of what they have to say in their own words:
Providing better performance than any other interface in its price range, the new Model 304 DSP I/O Processor is a FireWire–attached audio interface that includes 8 channels of bidirectional, 192 k–capable AES/EBU I/O, plus 8 channels of +24 dBu A/D/A. The 304’s converter set, analog path and headphone output extends the already exceptional performance of the premier Model 302, offering arguably the best conversion available at one tenth the cost of its competition. The Model 304 also includes DSP hardware acceleration for soundBlade, plus a dizzying array of built–in signal processing modules.
Marc Schonbrun, accomplished jazz guitarist and engineer, thinks highly of the new Model 304. “The 304 is a revelation in functionality and design and, in my opinion, changes the rules of the game for what an audio interface can and will do…The addition of the massive +DSP options makes the 304 quite simply the best interface on the professional audio market.� On a practical note, Brian C. Peters, head of Tech Valley Audio and a noted classical recording specialist, finds the form factor, fidelity and capabilities of the Model 304 to be unequaled. “We used to lug three Model Twos around for sessions. Now I have even better performance and functionality in a 1U unit.� Augmenting Sonic Studio’s already exceptional quality with the ability to handle multichannel jobs.
The Eight Channel option, the next step in soundBlade’s evolution, bumps up its native 4 channel engine to an 8 channel, 16 track capability perfect for surround sound work. Since the Eight Channel option can be used with any Core Audio interface, it increases soundBlade’s track count while keeping the cost of entry low.
Pricing and Availability:
The Model 304 is shipping now for an MSRP of $5895 USD
The Eight Channel option for soundBlade is available now for $895 USD
More information:

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