Moby: DJ for a day

Moby choses the tunes on BBC 6 Music      15/12/06

Moby: DJ for a day
bespectacled christian vegan Moby

Buying Choices
Moby was DJ on DAB station BBC 6 Music yesterday choosing a selection of records to play throughout the day. His ecclectic choices included Roxy Music, Suicide, Joy Division, Massive Attack and six John Peel session tracks. He kicked off his selections on the Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show with Taking Advantage by Echo & the Bunnymen (a Peel session from 1982) followed by Mother of Pearl by Roxy Music, another Peel session from PIL and Staring at the Sun from his chosen album of the day by TV on the Radio. On the Gideon Coe Show he played obscure tracks by Suicide and Silver Apples citing them as major influences on his early career. Massive Attack's Karmacoma and The Buzzcocks Everbodies Happy Nowadays followed on the Nemone Show. During an interview with Nemone he commented that he would often visit dance clubs like the Dancetaria where Punk, Reggae and Gay music co-existed on the playlist which is what inspired him to experiment with ecclectic styles of music. He talked about singing with bands Vatigan Commando and Flipper and his involvement with the American Hardcore scene. His evening session choices included a BBC session of Young Savage by Ultravox, Atmosphere by Joy Division and a Peel Show version of Overground by Siouxsie and the Banshees. Moby Finished his guest appearance with a Dream Ticket session, Roxy Music at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1979. Mobys entire selection was as follows: Echo & The Bunnymen - Taking Advantage (The Back Of Love) John Peel - 27th Jan 1982
Roxy Music - Mother of Pearl
PiL - Careering - John Peel Session - 10th December 1979
TV On The Radio - Staring At The Sun
Suicide - Harlem - 1998 - Mary Anne Hobbs Session
Silver Apples - I Have Known Love
Flaming Lips - Life on Mars - John Peel Session- 1992
TV On The Radio - Dreams
Massive Attack - Karmacoma - 1st Feb 1996 - John Peel Session
Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays - John Peel Session- 8th October 1978
TV On The Radio - Don't Love You
Ultravox - Young Savage - BBC Session 21st Nov 1977
Joy Division - Atmosphere
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Overground - John Peel Sesssion
TV On The Radio - Don't Love You
Julee Cruise - Mysteries of Love
David Bowie - Slip away
Roxy Music Hammersmith Odeon 1979
All the shows can be downloaded from the 6 Music website:

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