Be Another Brick In The Wall

Fame forever by buying a virtual brick?      29/11/06

Be Another Brick In The Wall
A Blank Bit Of Wall - Get Your Logo On Here

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The Great Music Wall is a website that is simply a giant brick wall to which you can add your own ‘graffiti’ in the form of an image that links to your own website.
The creator of the Great Music Wall, Albina Baklykova, was inspired while listening to Pink Floyds ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ and believes that the new site will immortalize the Music World of the twenty first century.
Albina says that the idea of this project is very simple and that anyone related to music such as artists, musicians, bands, disc jockeys, fan clubs, radio stations, music TV channels, music publications, music clubs and bars, licensed digital distribution music sites, etc., are welcome to place images linked to their websites on the wall where they will stay forever.
Great Music Wall may just be the most unusual music related internet directory and Albina expects to attract millions of visitors all over the planet. There is currently an application in to the Guiness Book of Records to register it as the first online wall in the world.
If you want to get your logo up – like The Beatles and Basement Jaxx already have - there’s plenty of space at the moment but we reckon you’d need at least 4 bricks for it to be seen clearly and that’s $800 which would go a long way down the pub… Pricing and Availability:
$200 USD per brick
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