Play Theremin On Your Palm

Theremin-like sounds from the Minimusic AxisPad musical instrument for handheld computers      01/11/06

Play Theremin On Your Palm

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Now available for preview as a free download, AxisPad is a music instrument on your handheld computer. You can use the full touch sensitive screen to create sound gestures. Each axis (up/down, left/right) can be assigned to change different parameters of the sound. The preview lets you control pitch and volume to create sounds similar to a Theremin. Push the up control on your phone or handheld to change the settings, down to hide the settings, or use the left/right controls to change instruments.
The full AxisPad will offer additional controls, customizable guide-lines, support for MIDI output and sound cards on some handhelds, and support for older handhelds that cannot run our software synthesizer. AxisPad is an update of the Theremini/Theremidi application by Pete Moss.
The free preview only saves one patch. The full application will include several additional features and support a wider variety of hardware.
The current preview requires a handheld running Palm OS 5.0 or greater with the Palm OS 5 Streaming Sound Libraries. Usually, any OS 5 handheld with a headphone jack qualifies, but there are some Sony Clies that may not work correctly. The full version will work with older handhelds as well, but with fewer sound options.,br> Pricing and Availability:
Preview available for download.
Full version available later in November 2006.
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