Mbox 2 Turns Pro

US Digidesign Announce the world’s first totally portable, High-Definition Pro Tools LE system      07/09/06

Mbox 2 Turns Pro

Following on from the original Mbox 2, Digidesign have announced the Mbox 2 Pro - a new portable, high-definition audio/MIDI production system that provides high-speed FireWire-powered connectivity, up to 24-bit/96 kHz* audio resolution, and a wide range of analog and digital I/O. It also offers several professional features, including MIDI Time Stamping support, Word Clock I/O, and dedicated studio monitor outputs. Digidesign claim that with Mbox 2 Pro, novices and professionals alike now have a portable, studio-grade Pro Tools solution available - one that they could take directly from home to a pro studio and then back again.
Digidesign Product Manager Matt May told us, “Mbox 2 Pro is a versatile and portable Pro Tools interface. It’ll accept just about any type of audio gear you throw at it - a couple of microphones, keyboards or other line-level devices, S/PDIF digital source, turntable, MIDI, even Word Clock—and let you capture all of it into a high-quality Pro Tools LE session that’s compatible with professional Pro Tools|HD systems. And with its ultra portability, Mbox 2 Pro is the perfect solution to capture high-resolution audio anywhere - from a large commercial studio to a tiny home studio, or from a field recording to a live recording.�
Designed by the same engineering team responsible for Digidesign’s professional Pro Tools|HD systems, Mbox 2 Pro features plenty of analog and digital I/O options packed neatly into a sleekly compact frame, and supports up to six simultaneous inputs and eight outputs. It also includes Pro Tools LE software and over 50 effects and instrument plug-ins, including DigiRack plug-ins, Bomb Factory plug-ins, the Xpand! sample-playback/synthesis workstation, and the Pro Tools Ignition Pack.
For an extra $100, customers can purchase Mbox 2 Pro Factory, which includes an additional five high-quality Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins (worth over $1,000), the Mbox 2 Pro system, and an iLok USB Smart Key.
*Mbox 2 Pro does not support external sync at 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates. Pricing and Availability:
Mbox 2 Pro and Mbox 2 Factory will be available September 15th, 2006 via authorized Digidesign dealers for $799 and $899, respectively, US MSRP More information:

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