NAMM06: Roland Introduce ‘Vocal’ Keyboard

Vocal-modeling technology in a dedicated instrument      22/01/06

Buying Choices
If the record company is paying it may be no big deal to accommodate a choir or group of background singers for a gig or recording session but for most of us it’s an impractical proposition. One solution might have just come from Roland who are showing off their VP-550 Vocal Designer Keyboard at the show. Let’s hear what they have to say about it in their own words…
"Roland proudly presents the VP-550 Vocal Designer Keyboard. Much more than a traditional vocoder or harmonizer, the VP-550 uses Roland’s breakthrough vocal-modeling technology to bring the highest-quality, interactive vocal sounds to a dedicated instrument. Connect a mic, select a sound, and play. You won’t believe what can come out of this instrument: spectacular classical choirs, soulful gospel choirs, pop and jazz voices, male & female ensembles, vintage vocoder, and lush string/vocal hybrids.
Not specific to one style of music, the VP-550 can be used for a wide variety of musical applications. It’s ideal for musicians who perform alone or in small groups, for example, and who need an interactive, real-time backing chorus. Or, film and TV music composers who are challenged with time and budget can use the VP-550 to generate high-impact choral arrangements on the spot. Churches in need of a choir (or choir enhancer) will love the VP-550. The creative possibilities are vast, as are the time/money savings that this instrument can provide.
The VP-550's ensemble section is stocked with string samples that were made in collaboration with VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) — the world-famous orchestral library manufacturer. VSL supplied the ultra high-quality wave data, which was combined with Roland's proprietary sound-design technology. The result is an unbelievably realistic, highly performance-oriented strings sound.
The VP-550 is also equipped with high-resolution vocoder modeling, which can be used to generate surreal vocal effects — great for electronica, pop, R&B, hip-hop, and the like. Inject a dose of that classic retro ‘robot voice’ charm into your next recording without the hassle and expense of a separate vocoder.
One look at the VP-550’s inviting front panel and you’ll know that this instrument has 'user friendly' written all over it. There are no hidden menus or complicated key commands required. Every feature has a dedicated button or slider that’s clearly labeled and easy to reach. Performers will especially love how inviting and inspiring the VP-550 is to use onstage."

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