NAMM06: The World´s Most Flexible Wireless Monitoring System?

Well, Sennheiser says it is…      19/01/06

NAMM06: The World´s Most Flexible Wireless Monitoring System?

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Sennheiser has been presenting its new 3250 system which the company claim is the most flexible monitoring system the market currently has to offer. Sven Boetcher, Sennheiser´s product manager for Professional Wireless told us this, "With a switching bandwidth of 36 MHz, and frequencies that are tunable in 5 kHz steps, we are providing PA companies, broadcasting networks and stage professionals with the best of the best in the ever-more-crowded RF spectrum."
On the transmitter side, the new monitoring system gives the user a choice between the SR 3254 stereo transmitter and the SR 3256 twin stereo transmitter, which both come in a 19"/1U size and have a powerhouse output of up to 100 mW. Unlike the previous models, the transmitters now use the HDX compander system featured in the ‘evolution wireless’ series, achieving noise suppression of up to 90 dB and ensuring a wide dynamic range and crystal-clear monitoring signals. Both transmitters are easy to operate, can be switched between mono and stereo mode and have a backlit LC display. These newcomers are especially recommended for demanding multi-channel applications and are supplied complete with integrated power supply unit, rack-mount ‘ears’ and either one (SR 3254) or two telescopic antennas (SR 3256).

The system´s bodypack receiver, the EK 3253, is 20% smaller than its predecessor but even more robust: both the body and the battery cover are now made of metal. Here, too, a backlit display makes the menu-controlled operation even more user-friendly. A pilot tone-controlled squelch allows noise-free switching in stereo mode. The receiving frequency is adjustable in 5 kHz increments; the receiver also has a scan function making it easy to search for free transmission channels. The compact, inconspicuous EK 3253 is equipped with a focus function, enabling artists to create their own special mix from their own audio signal and the overall mix. The receiver comes complete with batteries and a pair of IE 4 stereo ear-canal phones. More info:

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