Lexicon’s Latest Portable Desktop Recording Package

Lambda Desktop Recording Studio launched      17/01/06

Lexicon’s Latest Portable Desktop Recording Package

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Many will be familiar with the Lexicon Omega Studio which offers a complete desktop recording solution and it has now been joined by the new Lexicon Lambda Desktop Recording Studio. Lambda comes as a highly affordable audio production package that includes the Lambda 4x2x2 buss powered USB I/O mixer, Steinberg® Cubase® LE recording software, and Lexicon’s renowned Pantheon VST reverb plug-in – both for either PC or Mac. Unlike standard computer I/O boxes based on a patchbay paradigm, the Lambda is a true recording mixer. This enables the user to connect to the unit’s two phantom powered XLR mic-pre inputs, two 1/4 inch insert points, two 1/4 inch balanced line inputs, and MIDI I/O simultaneously, while controlling input levels, stereo/ mono routing, and monitoring from the unit’s front panel. The front panel also features an ultra hi-z instrument input for DI’ing guitars and other instruments, and mini jack headphone output. This layout is designed to optimise workflow with a creatively conducive user interface. Lambda ships with Steinberg’s popular LE recording/ editing software package, which provides 48 tracks of audio and 64 tracks of MIDI recording/ editing, as well as complete automation of level, pan, mute, and plug-ins. Cubase LE supports up to eight VST instruments, and is compatible with both VST system link and Rewire 2 protocols. Also included, the Lexicon Pantheon VST reverb plug-in, offers 35 factory presets, and six reverb types with 16 user-editable parameters. Lexicon tell us that the Lambda offers a powerful, and easy to use desktop recording and production package, both for the musicians and DJs starting out, or seasoned professionals on the move.
  • Mic Levels: control input gain of two mic pre-amps
  • Line Levels: control input level of balanced line inputs
  • Monitor Mix: provides zero latency input monitoring, balancing audio source between the live input levels and playback mix levels
  • Instrument In: front panel located ultra Hi-Z instrument DI, to maintain full signal range and power from magnetic and piezo pickups
  • Peak Indicators
  • Stereo/ Mono: select stereo or mono monitor inputs
  • Metering: precise 2-channel 4-segment metering of input levels to AD convertor
  • High Powered Headphone Amp: ensures ultra clear monitoring with all types of headphones
  • Line Inputs: RF filtered 1/4 inch jack active-balanced inputs for both balanced and unbalanced signals
  • 1/4 inch Jack Inserts: for professional connection to outboard processors
  • Mic Preamps: two world class mic preamps enable full use of either high quality studio condenser or dynamic microphones
  • MIDI In/ Out: fully opto-isolated MIDI input eliminates ground loop hum and MIDI talk-through noise. MIDI output provides accurate sync to USB frame rates
  • Line Outputs: RF filtered 1/4 inch jack servo-balanced outputs sense whether they are connected to balanced or unbalanced equipment
  • +48v Phantom Power: provides clean +48v DC to high quality condenser mics
  • USB Powered: unit powered from USB connection, no external power supply required More info:
  • www.lexicon.com,

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