Preview:New Sequencer Features Elastic Audio

Molecularbytes Membrane audio demo now available.      17/10/05

Preview:New Sequencer Features Elastic Audio

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Over on the Windows platform (2000/XP) there's a new multi track sample sequencer under development. Membrane from Molecularbytes "opens a new dimension in the audio-editing-software market under the heading 'elastic audio'. Membrane looks to all intents and purposes to be loosely based on the concept of Melodyne - insofar as it allows you to graphically easily edit, adapt and change audio data like you can when you edit MIDI data. It manages this by analyzing and separating the pitch and formant information within a sound and letting you mess with it's pitch and timing independently and a whole lot more besides. Or in their words:
"Membrane analyzes and separates the most diverse physical characteristics out from the audio material, so it becomes freely variable and changable by the user. Aferwards Membrane resamples the audio material with the use of the changed characteristics. By this method you can assign completely new characteristics to the material, which are played in real time and without destruction of the original input data. " An extra feature is their specially developed 'Added Resonance Wavetable EXtraction' technology. This enables the user not to have to make a distinction between rhythmical or melodic audiodata, but to be able to use all parameters for any material. It's a fairly giant concept, so they've created a series of demos to give you the idea.
  •⊂=1 Overview of all features:

    Integration and compatibility:

  • working samples: 6 - 192 KHz; 8, 16, 24, 32 Bit
  • sample import / export: all system codecs installed (WAV, MP3, AIFF, ...)
  • amount of tracks: infinite
  • unlimited undo depth (memory dependent)
  • audio output: native (DirectX), ASIO or over ReWire-Mixer application (full integration)
  • extremely low latency
  • MIDI output and -input as elastic-audio-sampler with different synchronization modes Analysis and synthesis:
  • fast real-time re-synthesis through calculation in time space and fast SSE2 command sets
  • play mode for MONOPHONE and POLYPHONE samples
  • formant- and "airflow" / consonant corrected pitch shifting
  • (using "resonance-continuity-prediction" for realistic formant correction for down pitch)
  • separated processing of tonal parts and "airflow" / noise parts Editor:
  • completely not destructive editing
  • automatic and manual separation of the source samples in areas of notes and beats
  • random arrangement of tracks using markers, copy, cut, and paste
  • editors of MONOPHONIC samples:
  • pitch, phrasing, vibrato, time-stretch and time-shift, time distribution,
  • resonance box size, roughness, envelope, vocal / airflow
  • editors of POLYPHONIC samples:
  • pitch, time-stretch and time-shift, time distribution, envelope
  • individual configurable graphical user interface supporting skins and multi monitor display
  • different time scales, synchronizations, metronome, fade in / fade out, note scaling
  • different scales giving keynotes for every step
  • editors having magnetic snapping for simple and save operation
  • intuitive track visualization with direct 'look-and-hear' Producer:
  • "producer" for designing complex, step by step operations like autotune, quantize etc..
  • the producer is a kind of "assistant" which can manage all your creativity. For more product information including current projected release dates:


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