MOTUs Symphonic Instrument Ships

8GB library with convolution verb too      04/08/05

MOTUs Symphonic Instrument Ships
Orchestra in a box

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MOTU's latest release is the Symphonic Instrument universal orchestral plug-in is now shipping and the good news is that Windows users get to play too. The 8GB sound library features 500 instrument presets, 200 multi-instrument ensembles, 26 built-in convolution reverbs and additional new features. "The MOTU Symphonic Instrument offers unprecedented quality, variety and depth of orchestral sounds for the money," said Jim Cooper, MOTU Director of Marketing. "Combine its stunning instrument library with built-in convolution reverb, universal plug-in compatibility and expressive - yet easy - programming, and you've got a must-have plug-in for anyone interested in orchestral sounds." The MOTU Symphonic Instrument provides 16-part multitimbral operation With instrument programming happening from one convenient window using ADSR amplitude envelope controls, an LFO, two filters, tone controls, pitch controls and velocity response. Convolution reverb can be applied to any instrument or ensemble for realistic acoustic space treatments, from small stages to concert halls to large cathedrals. Detail

Ensemble Multis
Users can load individual sounds to build their own ensembles, from solo instruments and small ensembles to full tutti orchestra and choirs. Or users can load and save Multis - a collection of instruments that can be loaded and saved together as an ensemble, complete with an acoustic space (reverb setting), volume, panning, tone control and everything needed to save and instantly recall a perfectly balanced, unified ensemble. Over 200 preset ensembles are included, such as Brass Quintet, Choirs & Classical Guitar, Eight French Horns, Concert Mallet & Percussion and Baroque Orchestra. Users can also create and save their own ensembles, which they can then reload in one easy step. Dynamic performance with Expert Mode
Expert mode lets users dynamically add, remove and stack (layer) multiple Symphonic Instrument sounds as they play them from a MIDI controller. Users can bring instruments in and out, on the fly, using key switches, velocity ranges or note ranges. Users can even crossfade between instruments by sending continuous MIDI data (expression controllers) from a mod wheel or other device. The MOTU Symphonic Instrument truly is a powerful real-time performance tool that delivers an entire orchestra to the user's fingertips. Realistic expression with MIDI controllers
Users can achieve incredibly realistic, dynamic performances from the Symphonic Instrument using MIDI continuous controller data from a mod wheel, foot pedal, automated fader control surface or other MIDI control source. Most of the Symphonic Instrument's parameters can be mapped to external control, giving users hands-on, real-time expressive control over the performance of each instrument. MIDI modulation can be assigned to crucial individual parameters such as filter cutoff frequency for even deeper expressiveness. 8GB sound library
MP3 examples of the MOTU Symphonic instrument at the link below demonstrate the incredible realism, depth and versatility of the music that can be created.

  • The acoustic spaces
    Convolution is a process where the characteristics of a real acoustic space are “sampled� (captured) and then faithfully reproduced, down to the last detail and nuance. Widely considered to be the best type of reverb that money can buy, convolution reverbs are known for their stunning realism. Users can choose from among 26 different acoustic spaces included with the MOTU Symphonic instrument and apply them to individual instruments or complete ensembles. Eight different "fast" reverbs are also provided for situations that call for optimum CPU efficiency. Both types of reverbs provide several adjustable parameters, including length, damping and wet/dry balance. The MOTU Symphonic Instrument is now shipping for a list price of $295.


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