New Tapes For Virtual Mellotron From GForce

There's a whole bunch of em from the Main Man - Klaus.      29/09/03

New Tapes For Virtual Mellotron From GForce
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When GForce launched the M-Tron, they had little idea as to the passion that many musicians harboured towards the orginal instrument on which it was based, and as a result were slightly surprised when the requests came flooding in for more sounds. Of course, being decades old and prone to more than the odd bit of wear and tear, Tron sounds aren't exactly the easiest things to stumble across, and as such they had to be fastidious in the quest, contacting many users of the original instruments in the hope that they could be pointed in the direction of some rare, forgotten gems. What they hadn't reckoned with was the Teutonic Tronmeister himself, Klaus Hoffmann-Hock. Owners of M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 2 will already be aware of Klaus, a self-confessed Tron maniac, who has probably forgotten more about the original instrument and its sounds than anyone at GMEDIA Music will ever know. In short, over the years Klaus has amassed one of the largest tape-frame collections in the world and after the success of M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 2, and persistent calls for yet more sounds, it was suggested that we release yet more rarities from his collection for your delectation.The result is, somewhat obviously, M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 3, containing a plethora of scarce and interesting sounds from the Tronmeister himself. In addition to some tape combinations we've also included several sound effects tapes, a recreation of Mike Pinder's legendary Halfspeed Mightytron sound, plus new choirs and other instruments which were recorded at our local church. The idea behind these new sounds was to add some unique timbres to complement the existing Tron choir sounds and bring a vague 21st century flavour to this instrument, we hope you appreciate the results! Featured Sounds:
Bassoon, Bassoon+Flute, BrassB Revised, Church Organ+8Choir, Classical Choir HalfspeedTron, Hammond C3 Slow Leslie, M300 Strings+Solo Violin, M300 Violin Section, MegaTron, MegaTron Organ, MegaTron Strings, MkII Flute, MkII Organ No2, MkII Vintage 3 Violins, MkII Vintage Violin Orchestra, Second Flute, Sound FX1 & 4, St Peters Choir Ah, St Peters Choir Oo, Synthesised Brass Synthesised Trumpet, Viola+Cello, Strings+Choir


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