Steinberg unveils VST 5.0

Latest Cubase update due in June...      22/04/00

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Press release from Frankfurt's MusicMesse show...

Cubase VST/32 is the new flagship in the Cubase VST 5 series. Recordings in 96 kHz and the world’s best dithering technology, Apopee’s UV 22, cater for extreme dynamic response and transparent sound.

Cubase VST/32 5 offers 128 channels of Digital Audio, 8 FX Sends, each with 4 Channel Inserts each and 4 master inserts. The handling of FX and plug-ins has been completely redesigned. The new FX-rack hosts new control elements and the new channel EQs can now be edited graphically or with the well known virtual pots.

Folder-Tracks – an infinte number of tracks, MIDI and audio, can be folded away for better overview into folder tracks.

TrueTape™ Mode – This is the end of the discussion about the better sound: digital or analogue! Cubase VST/32 now gives you the choice of recording digitally or with analogue sounding, tape compression like characteristics. Each audio track in Cubase VST/32 hosts the Steinberg Magneto-Tape-Saturation-Technologie. To record „fat“ guitars and pumping drums the TrueTape™ Option simply has to be activated.

High Definition MIDI Timing offers the LTB ™ (linear time base technology) from Steinberg in conjunction with the new Midex8 USB MIDI-Interface.

Unparalleled accuracy as low as 300 micro seconds guarantees for the best MIDI-Groove in town.

PlugIns included -Cubase VST 5 comes with a range of the most needed FX-processors for every type of music production. The outstanding new CubaseVerb is for breathing vocal sounds and cavernous snare drums.

Universal Sound Module – The perfect Instrument for writing and jamming with others: USM ™ is the new virtual sound module with over 70 MegaBytes state of the art sounds.

Object oriented programming enhances the handling of musical elements. Single notes, phrases, parts, groups of parts or even entire ranges can be selected, moved or copied through each area of the program or even to the desktop. Screen sets and key commands enhance the ease of use of Cubase VST 5. Every user now can create his own set of working setups. Cubase VST 5 is the system with performance orientated user configuration. And: The brand new MIDI Track Mixer offers VST-style control over any connected MIDI-Gear. The System Resolution of up to 15360 ppq along with realtime Groove Control cater for ultra fine MIDI-Groove Shaping. More than 300 new scoring functions make the perfect Music-Publishing-Tool: Cubase VST Score! Marker Tracks support comfortable navigation through the arrangement.

The new Toolbox presents a number of new visual tools for realtime editing of parts and phrases.

Scalable Transport Bar. Individually Scaleable Tracks. Realtime MIDI Modifiers per Part. New Instrument and Patch Handling. Supports Hardware Remote-Controllers


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