Access Release New OS 3.0 for Virus


New Features: Specifications 24 Voices/ 16 way Multi Mode 512 Sounds (256 RAM/256 ROM/128 Multies) 4 Oscillators per voice. Three Main Oscillators* plus one Sub Oscillator Sawtooth, variable Pulse, Sine, Triangle waves + 62 additional Spectral Waves 2 fully independent Filters per voice (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Bandreject) Multiple Saturation/Distortion effects per voice 3 LFOs, 2 ADSTR Envelopes 82 (!) simultaneous DSP Effects like
  • Retro Phaser
    Voice Saturation
    Digital Delay
    Analog Boost
    16 independent Arpeggiators Global Master Clock that drives all Arpeggiators, LFOs and delay; automatic sync to MIDI Clock. Complex Modulation Matrix with over 100 destinations Complete parameter control via MIDI with "Adaptive Control Smoothing" for ultra soft parameter changes Full 24bit processing; 24 bit D/A, 18 bit A/D 2 individual Inputs with various Signal Processing features: Filter, Distortion, Vocoder, FM, Ringmodulator, Envelope Follower 6 individual high quality Outputs High quality light weighted keyboard with 61 keys, Note-on/off Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend, Modwheel and two Switches/Control pedals (Virus kb only). Easy operating System Updates via MIDI: *When using the third Oscillator the Virus b / kb needs up to 30% more power per voice. In full usage the Virus' polyphony may therefore lose a maximum of 6 voices.


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