New from Terratec... the DMX SoundSystem Card

Press release from Terratec      13/09/99

The SoundSystem DMX from TerraTec sets new standards for unparalleled price and ultimate performance. The latest PCI technology, extensive connectivity options and uncompromising audio quality coupled with a solid software bundle and universal compatibility makes the DMX a real contender. Carefully thought out features such as the two CD-Audio connectors, external wavetable connector, ActiveRadio RDS radio module expansion and digital I/O in both S/PDIF co-axial and TOS-Link optical format make the SoundSystem DMX a cutting edge product in the true tradition of TerraTec. Connectivity. Feast your ears on the two independent high quality stereo outputs of the SoundSystem DMX. Eight inputs including external line input, microphone, optional ActiveRadio module, voice modem, wavetable module and two independent CD-Audio inputs puts the SoundSystem DMX right in the driving seat of your PC multimedia system. If this weren't enough, we have included a professional digital audio I/O expansion module with both optical (TOS-Link) and co-axial (S/PDIF) stereo inputs and outputs supporting 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates and manual override of SCMS copy protection. Powerplay. A glance at the hyper-compatibility list will make any real power-gamer's heart race: true hardware acceleration of DirectSound�, DirectSound�3D and DirectInput�, 64 voice hardware wavetable synthesizer, even Soundblaster� Pro compatibility under DOS. Experience total audio immersion with sound coming at you from all directions: in front and behind, left and right, above and below. The SoundSystem DMX has a 3D positional audio system that is compatible with Aureal�'s A3D�, Creative Labs�'s EAX�, Microsoft DirectSound�3D and Sensaura�3D. It's Canyon3D� Engine with MacroFX� and MultiDrive� technology is the key to a new world of acoustic experience. The bundled software provides the tools to create your own unique 3-d environments with interaction par excellence. The serious detail: hardware acceleration of more than 32 simultaneous 3D audio streams over 2 speakers, 4 speakers or headphones - Not bad! Last but not least, shake, rattle and roll... The digital gameport with full Microsoft� DirectInput� acceleration provides precise control and feedback whatever controller you use, from simple gamepads to full-on force feedback flight yokes and steering wheels. Quality. What is a soundcard forŠ right, to make sound. Give your ears a break, treat them to a SoundSystem DMX. The highest quality audio when you want it and, when you don't, silence. With a signal to noise ratio of better than -97dB, quiet means quiet. You hear only what you want to hear, no hiss, no crackle, no distortion, just clear, clean audio. Software. Indispensible and often ignored: Software, the fuel that powers the hardware. A custom designed intuitive control panel application provides control over all the special features of the SoundSystem DMX. For playing audio files including CD tracks, MIDI and MOD files and MP3 audio, we have included the seriously cool WinJeyŠ Create your own mixes with Mixman Studio and become a cyber DJŠ For hard disc recording and editing we have included WaveLab lite from the market leader SteinbergŠ For those of you into synthesis, experiment with Buzz, the latest in software synthesisŠ That's just a selection. On top of this we have driver support to Windows® 95, 98 and NT4Š even DOS.


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