Pocket TX816! The Dtronics DT-DX

Hardware MiniDexed synthesizer   23-Apr-24

Taking a DX7 around is never easy, particularly when the mark 1 which weighed around 5kg! Save your back but still sound epic, with the new Dtronics DT-DX - a hardware unit housing the MiniDexed synthesizer, normally available in software only (aside from being housed in various Raspberry Pi incarnations). It'll be available on Kickstarter soon, more details here:

Dtronics DT-DX, The Dexed FM synthesizer similar to 8x DX7 (TX816/TX802)

The Dtronics DX was created in collaboration with Probonopd. He manages the MiniDexed project on Github. MiniDexed is a FM synthesizer closely modeled on the famous DX7 by a well-known Japanese manufacturer running on a bare metal Raspberry Pi (without a Linux kernel or operating system). On Raspberry Pi 2 and larger, it can run 8 tone generators, not unlike the TX816/TX802 (8 DX7 instances without the keyboard in one box).

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When we came across this cool project we simply had to get started with it. For the project we designed a housing and made our own printed circuit board to make optimal use of the functions of MiniDexed.

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Product page: https://www.dtronics.nl/dt-dx


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