Testing $40,000 Worth Of High-End Mixers

DJcityTV deep listening session   19-Apr-24

We recently covered the new AlphaTheta Euphonia rotary mixer, and certainly had some questions about the justification of it's price tag (over £3,000). Here we have an objective test of a range of rotary mixers which cost a grand total of $40,000 - prompted by that new release. See what you think!

When Mojaxx reviewed AlphaTheta's new rotary mixer, he suggested to the company that they should throw listening parties, where DJs could hear the Euphonia in context with it's competitors. Well, his local DJ store thought that was such a good idea, they decided to do it themselves, and so he spent one evening last week checking out $40,000 worth of high end mixers, alongside a bunch of other audio heads. See how he got on, in the new episode of Beatsource Tech.


How do you feel about rotary mixers? 

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