Klon-Style Pedal Emulated

Overloud announces Centuria Pedal in a free update for TH-U Premium   25-Mar-24

ILIO and audio plug-in developer Overloud have announced a free update for TH-U Premium that includes the new premium pedal model the Centuria, which they believe is the most advanced and accurate emulation of the legendary Klon Centaur. Centuria was created using Overloud's Fluid Capture technology and is is only available for owners of TH-U Premium. Here's more of what they have to say...

The Centuria emulation offers two different mods in addition to the original circuit. The C14 mod extends the action of the Tone control knob, while the Fat mod makes the model suitable for bass guitars by extending the low end. Beyond these enhancements, the Centuria captures all of the rich, open distortion of the original, honoring the sonic integrity of this coveted, collectable pedal.

Overloud's Fluid Capture is the only technology able to capture the exact tone of this device and, at the same time, replicate the full dynamic range of each knob. This is done by capturing the device at multiple settings and retrofitting the model to recreate the sampled tone.

The Centuria is a premium model, which means it is a high-value model available only in TH-U Premium. Other premium models exclusive to TH-U Premium are: Tri-Chorus, Phase Stone, the Cat, and all Randall and THD amplifiers.

Pricing and Availability:

TH-U Premium: $149 (regular price: $299)

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