Source Audio Revamps Nemesis Delay

Nemesis Delay ADT stompbox features 26 different styles of delay   09-Nov-23

Source Audio tells us that the Nemesis Delay has returned better than ever. Here's what they have to say...

Say hello to the Nemesis Delay ADT, our monster mashing delay pedal with 26 different styles of delay, stereo ins & outs, tap tempo, and more. New features of the Nemesis Delay ADT include an analog dry through signal path, enhanced MIDI functionality, 100 factory loaded presets, and an updated collection of delay effects available on the face of the pedal. And (because we care)... Nemesis ADT is compatible with the over 1,000 presets created and published for the original Nemesis Delay by the Neuro Community.

Over the past couple years, we have received many requests to give the Nemesis Delay the same analog dry through signal path that we put into our Ventris Dual Reverb and Collider Delay+Reverb. But what is, "analog dry through?" Well, it means that the instrument's dry signal remains completely unprocessed, maintaining a 100% pure analog path that runs in parallel with the pedal's delay effects. Roger (Source Audio's owner) had this to say about it, "The proper execution of Analog Dry Through in a pedal like Nemesis is not trivial. Arbitrary analog levels must be stored and saved as part of presets, which requires expensive high quality digitally controlled analog mixers. When creating Nemesis, we underestimated the demand for Analog Dry. Now that we have perfected a solution in Ventris and Collider, we are pleased to respond to the loud chorus from delay fanatics around the world: MAKE NEMESIS ADT! And so, we have."

All the delay effects that made the original Nemesis Delay such a hit are still present in the Nemesis Delay ADT, but some of its most well-regarded delay engines previously included with Neuro (Source Audio's free effects editing software available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android) have moved to the face of the pedal. New additions to the face of Nemesis include the "Drum Echo," based on vintage Binson Echorec rotating drum units, known for their multiple playback heads and rhythmic delay patterns. Another addition is "Oil Can," which captures the sound of a 1950's Tel-Ray Electronics Sound Chamber, a unit known for its ghostly and reverberant echoes created with a rotating can of electrolytic oil. Also included is "Resonant Analog", based on the tone of darker bucket brigade chips with an especially soft echo that dramatically degenerates with each passing repeat.

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