EHX Releases Pico Platform Compressor Pedal

Studio-style compression in an ultra-compact package   09-Aug-23

Electro-Harmonix has released the Pico Platform Compressor / Limiter. They say that, carrying with it the same studio-style compression of the full-sized Platform Stereo Compressor, this diminutive dynamics controller is strong enough to level off any signal from any audio source. Here's more from EHX...

The Pico Platform's strength lies in its flexibility to footprint ratio. Coming in Electro-Harmonix's smallest chassis yet, the Pico Platform features two main operating modes, Compressor mode and Limiter mode. In Compressor mode, the compression ratio is adjustable for dialing in more subtle and sweet signal smoothing. In Limiter mode, this ratio is maxed out for a more extreme squash useful for limiting peaks and adding girth by raising lower signal levels.

These two modes are complemented by a simple 4-knob design for nearly limitless adjustment. SUSTAIN controls the compression ratio in Compressor mode or the threshold level in Limiter mode. The ATTACK knob sets the amount of time delay before the compressor/limiter is activated and adjusts how much signal attack you experience. BLEND allows for a perfect balance between dry and compressed signal giving a more natural feel with enhanced sustain and tonal richness. VOLUME adjusts the output level for sitting perfectly in a mix. Additionally, the Pico Platform also features SOFT / HARD Compression Knees which can be selected for more subtle or dramatic compression styles, respectively.
The new EHX Pico Platform Compressor / Limiter pedal comes equipped with an EHX 9V power supply.

Pricing and Availability:
The EHX Pico Platform Compressor / Limiter pedal is available now and features a U.S. Street Price of $119.00.

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