Kemper Announces Liquid Profiling

Where profiling meets modeling   04-Aug-23

Kemper has announced their new Liquid Profiling technology to be available with PROFILER OS 10.0 currently as a public beta. They say that, from now on guitar players and producers can enjoy the exact profiles of their individual amps PLUS get access to the original sonic bandwidth of the original amplifier design and tone stacks of their amps' brand. Here's the details in their own words...

Since Kemper's invention of Profiling modern guitar players had the choice of enjoying the superior sound quality and authenticity of Profiles, or the faithful amp controls of a modeling amp. Now the agony of choice is over. For the first time ever the acclaimed patented profiling technology gets seamlessly assimilated with modeling.

How does the Liquid Profiling work?
Well, it works basically exactly like the „former" profiling process. Just add the step selecting the target amp model from the menu. Then profile „that" amp head through your trusted 4 x 12" with your favorite microphones and Mic-Pres. Done! Compared to your regular Profiles the Liquid Profile now features the exact authentic Tonstack and authentic „gain-behaviour". The limits of the snapshots are a thing of the past.

Profiles have been acclaimed since day one. But users were irritated by the generalized Amp EQ for further tweaking, also the tonal subtleties of increased or decreased levels of gain were not completely authentic. For the players turning the amp-knobs for changing tones didn't deliver the results as they were familiar with from the real amp. But now with Liquid Profiling in OS 10.0 they can play authentic. Or, of course, even try Tone Stacks of a classic Class A combo on a Plexi Head and so much more!

And again, creating Liquid Profiles is pretty straight forward and the user experience is flawless. Profiling and Modeling! You are getting both worlds, not only the best of both worlds. Both worlds! That's a bold statement, yes. With the Profiler you always have access to bold worlds!  

Availability and corresponding content
Currently OS 10.0 public beta is available for free from the Kemper Website. It is recommended to not use beta versions for production and touring. From the start there is also Liquid Profiling content available for free from the most renowned Rig vendors out there: Michael Britt, Guido Bungenstock, and the RigBusters. Users can access these Rig Packs from the corresponding Rig Manager.

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