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Sonible Releases smart:EQ 4
A major update for the intelligent equalizer

20-Dec-23    full story...

Sonible Releases smart:deess
The first AI de-esser to combine phoneme detection with advanced spectral de-essing.

30-Oct-23    full story...

Sonible Expands Pure:Bundle
AI-powered pure:EQ added

06-Sep-23    full story...

Content-Aware Gate Plug-In
sonible releases smart:gate AI-powered plug-in featuring advanced methodology for gating

18-Jul-23    full story...

Sonible Launches The Pure:Bundle
AI-powered pure:verb and pure:comp joins pure:limit

22-Mar-23    full story...

AI-Powered Limiter
sonible's pure:limit does it all with a single button

14-Dec-22    full story...

Metering Bundle
sonible complements their plug-in range with new metering tools

09-Nov-22    full story...

Sonible Releases Smart:Comp 2
A major update for the AI-powered compressor

27-Jul-22    full story...

Intelligent True Peak Limiter
Sonible's smart:limit features guided loudness monitoring

14-Dec-21    full story...

AI-Powered Reverb Tool
sonible releases smart:reverb source-adaptive reverb plug-in

10-Aug-20    full story...

Spectro-Dynamic Compressor
Sonible's smart:comp uses AI to find the parameters for well-balanced compression

26-Jun-19    full story...

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