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US BOOM Library supercharge BOOM ONE with more content, power, and flexibility      21/06/24

Boom Library has announced a new update to their flagship general sound effects library, BOOM ONE. They say that this update brings even more content, power, and flexibility to an already outstanding resource, offering added value for both existing and new users.

Axel Rohrbach, Managing Director of BOOM Library told us,  "Many claim to offer the ultimate general effects sound library, but no one provides a package as powerful, flexible, and fair as BOOM ONE. With this latest update, BOOM ONE continues to stand out as the premier choice for sound designers everywhere."

Here's more details in the company's own words...

Boom ONE Update 24-07 includes over 600 high quality sound FX files including camera shutters, various doors opening and closing, footsteps in various footwear and surfaces plus more that can be used standalone or as part of a construction kit.

BOOM Library continues to set the standard in the movie, TV, and gaming industries, providing innovative tools that make the creative process both thrilling and efficient--a necessity for delivering excellence under tight deadlines and shrinking budgets.


BOOM ONE epitomises BOOM Library's dedication to quality, featuring over 48,000 files and 125,000+ sound effects, all recorded at a minimum of 96kHz / 24-bit. This extensive collection ensures creators in post-production, video, and gaming have access to pristine, consistent quality sounds. With most effects provided in three or more variations, BOOM ONE offers unmatched flexibility for bending, mashing, and layering sounds to meet any creative need. The superior quality of these samples means they are ready to use straight out of the box, though they also provide a robust foundation for further manipulation.


This latest update ensures BOOM ONE stays at the cutting edge of sound design. BOOM Library continually expands the library with new sounds added monthly, keeping the collection fresh and inspired. Subscribers benefit from a constantly evolving library, while the customer-driven approach allows users to request specific sounds, ensuring the library meets their unique needs. This ongoing enhancement process highlights BOOM Library's commitment to their customers and their craft.


BOOM Library understands the importance of flexibility in payment options. Users can choose to buy BOOM ONE outright with a perpetual licence or spread the cost over time with a subscription plan. Additionally, those on a perpetual plan can opt for a one-time annual payment to keep their collection up to date, without penalties for skipping an update. This approach ensures that BOOM ONE remains accessible and affordable for all users.

Technical Specs

  • Files: 48,000+ and growing
  • Sounds: 125,000+
  • Size: 530+ GB
  • Content Info: View Content List Here
  • Format: WAV - 24bit - at least 96kHz / Windows + Mac
  • The Universal Category System (UCS) classifies sound effects into a specific set of categories to easily maintain sound effect libraries. BOOM ONE provides you with sounds from all categories to give you the most comprehensive set of sounds to work with.
  • The sounds are brand-new, created from scratch and nowhere else in any of our collections. They are from all genres for all sound professions, a general library that everyone can use, with common genres that are needed by everyone that other libraries often leave out.

Pricing and Availability:
BOOM ONE pricing starts at $499.00/£445.00 per year for subscription, or $2,990.00/£2,665.00 buyout. Both prices exclude VAT

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