Three Bucket Brigade Analog Delays Emulated

US Kuassa releases Efektor Echolyte      13/06/24

Kuassa has released Efektor Echolyte, which they describe as an echo/delay plugin developed to infuse your tracks with the vintage warmth and character of classic BBD (bucket brigade delay) units, known for hazy, dark, and warm repeats. A spokesperson told us, "Drawing inspiration from the analog circuits of yesteryears, Echolyte delivers an authentic experience, raising your tone to a realm where rich and organic echoes reign supreme."

Here's more details direct from the company...

Kuassa Efektor Echolyte captures the essence from three most sought analog delay pedals, offering a distinct tone with smooth, musical repeats. From subtle, ethereal ambience to lush, cascading repeats, Kuassa Efektor Echolyte empowers you to sculpt your sound with precision and finesse.

Key Features:

  •   Three models of bucket brigade echo/delay, each with its unique character and tone.
  •   Sync to BPM
  •   Up to 8x Oversampling: Experience pristine audio quality and ultra-smooth operation with up to 8 times oversampling, ensuring every detail of your tone is faithfully reproduced.
  •   Dry/Wet Control: Fine-tune the balance between your original signal and the affected sound to achieve the perfect blend for your mix.
  •   Resizable Window: Customize the plugin interface to suit your workflow and screen real estate preferences with our resizable window feature.
  •   User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a straightforward single-screen GUI that makes dialing in your ideal fuzz tone intuitive and effortless.
  •   Available as an Amplifikation 360 Module*: Seamlessly integrate Efektor Echolyte into your Amplifikation 360 setup for a comprehensive guitar processing solution.

Pricing and Availability:

On offer at $15 (Regular price: $29)

More information:


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