Inside The Creation Of The Teenage Engineering TP-7

US A deep dive into the design and developmental journey of the TP–7      07/06/24

Inside The Creation Of The Teenage Engineering TP-7

Teenage Engineering's TP–7 field recorder, launched in May 2023, is a technical and design milestone in the company's product line, with its development journey commencing in 2018. Its also part of the new Field range and is frankly, a thing of beauty, whatever you think of it.

However its not for everyone, as a recorder, its a luxury item, made to be a lovely thing and many of us do covet it, though are unlikely to pony up the asking price.

In an article posted on the TE website, they go into the process in more depth.

The design was inspired by Jesper's Kouthoofd's modular audio/studio system sketches, aiming to redefine portable audio recording and aiming for  exceptional sound quality.

The device's appearance was also guided by the concepts of a modern Nagra  field recorder, with subsequent models created by the team closely resembling the final product.

The development of TP–7's electronics, spearheaded by Tomas, utilized advanced motor control insights from previous projects, enabling unique features like a scratch-friendly reel.

The team worked through multiple iterations, refining the integration of mechanics and electronics within a compact, premium structure aimed at broader usability and high-resolution multi-track recording.

Obviously this is not cheap, and the TP-7 while being a highly desirable object, like many TE products is priced out of reach for many at £1,299.

We've spoken  to TE at various events and its clear that they put a lot of work into their designs  and often create bespoke components to fit their specification.

A message hard to convey in simple marketing terms, and by implication to the end customer who often won't have the time for the full picture when all they require is functionality. But there is a satisfaction in well made and designed products which clearly does add to the cost and is often luxury -  like an expensive watch - it still just tells the time after all...

The full article gives more insight into their process and can be read here:

Teenage Engineering Social

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