Quick And Fun Finger-Dragging Arpeggiator

US Cem Olcay releases Kebarp for iOS and Apple Silicon      03/05/24

 Cem Olcay has released a new app - Kebarp - described as a super quick and fun arpeggiator.

He told us, "Simply drag your finger on the grid to create patterns quickly. The numbers on the grid represent the notes in the scale. Customize the arpeggiator's min/max octave reach, step count, and scale, as well as gate, velocity, and swing options.

When you play a MIDI note on your keyboard to Kebarp, it will start arpeggiating your pattern for the note you're playing, in the scale you've selected. There are also other options like retrigger and pattern chaining for live performance."

Pricing and Availability:

$5.99 at the app store.

More information:


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