The Tunes in Tokyo Train Stations

US Crafted melodies on Japanese Metro      30/04/24

Composer Minoru Mukaiya was always obsessed with trains, and is perhaps more well known for being the former keyboardist of the jazz fusion band Casiopea. He managed to combine both of these passions to perfection when he was asked to create theme songs for over 100 stops on the Tokyo underground. Not only does each stop have its own melodic motif based on the energy and ambiance he felt in the place, but travelling on certain lines will reveal a whole song.

While most train stations alert passengers with basic dings and dongs, metro riders in Japan are treated to uniquely crafted melodies. Minoru Mukaiya is the mastermind behind these jingles--he's made around 200 distinct chimes for over 110 stations. For Minoru, there's no greater joy than bringing a little bit of music to millions across Japan every day.

Amazing stuff!  

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