Major Bitwig Studio Update Announced

US Bitwig Studio 5.2 comes with a new set of studio tools and workflow enhancements      25/04/24

Bitwig has announced their first major update of 2024. They say that Bitwig Studio 5.2 comes with a new set of studio tools: a professional compressor (Compressor+) that brings a unique approach to dynamics, three hardware-inspired EQs (Focus, Sculpt, and Tilt), a clipper device called Over. They tell us that there are also significant workflow enhancements, including more precise editing, dynamic beat detection and hardware acceleration for their graphic interface.

You can read all the details in the changelog.

Pricing and Availability:
Beta testing of Bitwig Studio 5.2 starts now. If you have an active Upgrade Plan, you'll find the installers in your user profile. This is a free upgrade for all customers with an active Upgrade Plan as of today (April 25, 2024). We expect a final release of 5.2 this summer.

Please note that 5.2 has updated system requirements. Starting with this version, you'll need at least Windows 10, macOS 10.15 or later, and Ubuntu 22.04 or later. And for graphics, on Windows you'll need DirectX 11 or higher, and on Linux, DX11-level Vulkan.

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