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US The retro revival continues      23/04/24

Who would have thought that once we had crystal clear 16Bit audio on Compact Disc that 40 years later we'd be pining for the crusty qualities of Amiga samplers?! We, we are and following the release of Amigo a couple of weeks ago, we now have a completely FREE VST Sampler, based on the sound of the beloved, and de rigueur Amiga. All you need is linked below, here's their promo  text: 

The Commodore Amiga revolutionized the home computer when it hit the shelves in 1985. Not only sporting colourful 16-bit graphics but also boasting four channels of 8-bit sampled audio. With sample sequencing software like ProTracker and OctaMED, it was the first computer that allowed its users to record and sequence instruments into a full song; inspiring musicians, programmers, graphic designers, and hackers to show what they could really do with the new technology that the Amiga gave them. And while its specs may seem like they pale in comparison to more modern computers, its sound and legacy continue to inspire people to this day. The Ami Sampler brings that feel and that sound into the modern world of Digital Audio Workstations. Obviously heavily inspired by the Amiga, as well as Protracker and Fasttracker, it also draws inspiration from last trackers like Triton's Fasttracker II and Milkytracker in addition to some modern sampler VST plugins. While in no way an emulator nor a recreation of the limitations that the late 80s software had, the Ami Sampler strives to take the classic sound of the Amiga but still allow it to stand up with a modern DAW setting.


Get all you need here


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