New Patches For Your OB-6

US Neural Patches releases Reanimator set of 51 presets      19/04/24

Neural Patches has released the Reanimator preset pack for the Sequential OB-6 containing 51 high quality presets. They say that the patch collection includes retro keys, Basses, Lush Pads, Leads, Arpeggios, Brass, and many more sounds.
A spokesperson told us, "This preset pack comes after months of exploring the OB-6. The patches here showcase the known character of the OB-6 but also explore it's sound and its features. We definitely love those warm Terminator synth pads and keys more than the next person, but this synthesizer is definitely capable of so much more. With its smooth transition through the oscillator shapes and filter, the sequencer, arpeggiator the effects, this synthesizer definitely has a voice of its own. With this preset pack there's no denying you get that classic Oberheim analog sound, whether you're adding a bass, pads or whatever it is, you get that sound, but also other very creative sounds we came up with.".

Pricing and Availability:

Reanimator is available for $19.99 on the NeuralPatches website.

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