iOS MIDI Drum Sequencer Updated

US OCTACHRON 2.0 now has iPhone support + save and sharable MIDI mappings      18/04/24

OCTACHRON, the iOS MIDI Drum Sequencer is now in version 2.0. Here's what its developers have to say...

OCTACHRON is a very flexible iOS MIDI Sequencer, now with up to 16 tracks and rich modulation and sequencing capabilities. It is optimized for drums, but also a lot of fun for basic melody lines. It works standalone or as AUv3 MIDI plugin in your favorite iOS DAW (like AUM, Logic Pro, Cubasis, Beatmaker, ApeMatrix or Nanostudio etc. (not GarageBand))

New in Version 2.0:

  • iPhone Support with compact and comfort view. Enjoy the full functionality of OCTACHRON now also on your iPhone. Standalone or in your favorite iOS DAW. Choose between a compact stable grid or comfortably sized buttons with scrolling. Concentrate on the grid or blend in your modulation bar.
  • Overhauled MIDI mapping preset system now supports creation, sharing and importing of custom MIDI mapping presets. Create and save your own MIDI mapping presets and share them with the community via our custom MIDI mapping format.
  • OCTACHRON is now compatible with iPad, iPhone, M Macs and Apple Vision Pro

Pricing and Availability:

7,99 € at the App Store

More information:


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