Oberheim DMX & DX Drum Kits Revisited

US SampleScience releases DMXtreme Kits      17/04/24

SampleScience describes DMXtreme Kits as a virtual plugin that brings the iconic sounds of the Oberheim DMX and DX drum machines to your fingertips. They say that these drum machines, known for their signature 80s sound, are ideal for creating synthwave music. Here's the details in their own words...

DMXtreme Kits offers meticulously re-engineered versions of the DMX and DX drum kits, along with seven unique variations of these drum sounds.

The variation kits encompass a range of sounds, including 80s Gated, modern production, tape, C64, vintage EQ, vintage compressor, and vintage tape.

In addition to the core drum sounds, this drum module is equipped with a suite of effects such as distortion, delay, reverb, sub, tape, and vinyl. Plus, you have the flexibility to route each drum sound to its own output. Experience the versatility and vintage charm of DMXtreme Kits today!


  •     The legendary DMX and DX Drum Kits
  •     7 variations including tape, C64, modern production, 80s gated reverb and more!
  •     Distortion, Delay, Reverb
  •     Sub, vinyl and tape FX layers
  •     Multi-LFO
  •     Multi-outputs
  •     Highpass/Lowpass filter
  •     Amplitude range controls

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