Compact MIDI Router & Filter

US Plexus:4 is capable of processing MIDI signals on a 4x4 matrix      15/04/24

JMK Music Pedals tells us that their new Plexus:4 is a MIDI Router & Filter capable of processing MIDI signals on a 4x4 matrix. They say that it features Route, Split, Merge, Poly Chain, Filter, Clock Divide, Channel Map and Keyboard Split in a small stand-alone box without the need for a computer to configure or use. Here's more details direct from the company...

Poly Chaining can be setup on each input to route Notes in round-robin fashion to selected outputs. Play monophonic synths as though they are a single polyphonic synth. Poly Chain outputs can use 1 to 4 notes per cycle, so it works equally as well for polyphonic synths to create up to a 16 polyphony instrument without early note stealing.

Plexus has a USB Host port so that you can bridge connections between MIDI DIN and class-compliant USB Devices.

In addition to serving as a USB Host for other devices without using a computer, Plexus can also connect as a class-compliant USB Device and creates a 1x1 MIDI Interface within computer software that can also take part in matrix routing.

There are 4 independent Filter engines, 1 for each Output, and can be treated as 4 separate filter boxes. The Filter Types are:

  • Channel
  • Channel Map
  • Clock
  • Clock Divide
  • Transport
  • Note High & Low
  • Velocity High & Low
  • CC High & Low
  • Pitch
  • Aftertouch
  • Program Change
  • Poly Channel


With High & Low Range Filters, you can create dynamic Keyboard Splits and Zoning.

128 Presets can be stored/recalled containing all Route, Poly Chain and Filter settings. MIDI remote control is also possible.

Pricing and Availability:

The preorder window is open now with an early-bird price of $179 USD. Plexus:4 is expected to ship in June or early July 2024.

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