Recreating The Carpenters Vocals

US A whopping 20 tracks of harmonies      07/04/24

We've previously shared some extraordinary vocal harmonies, and here we have the 'Carpenters - Close To You'.with 20 tracks of harmonies! We get taken through the song by Chris May aka Sound, Lights and Video who says it's one of the most complex productions they've dealt with - check out his other videos in the series, exploring all kinds of studio business. 

The vocal edits begin around the 5 minute mark. 

When you prepare show tracks, for live theatre you need to carefully reproduce the arrangements, and the hardest we have done so far is the music of the Carpenters. This video breaks down how we recorded 'Close to You'. I'm rather amused that Youtube's copyright system identified a segment as being the Carpenter's record company - not the original clip, but the harmony section! That's pretty clever.

And for those who can't get it out your head, here is the Alan Partidge version:


Here's another recreation of the track by Tori Holub

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