AlphaTheta Euphonia: Professional Rotary Mixer

US Featuring Rupert Neve transformer      04/04/24

Rotary mixers were commonplace among early DJ setups, and Pioneer's bespoke audio brand AlphaTheta have recently released the Euphonia, which promises to "give you the feeling that you and the mixer are one". The sound on the Euphonia passes through a transformer circuit co-designed by AlphaTheta and Rupert Neve Designs, and there are a host of high end features detailed on the product page. The price tag may not fit everyone's budget but the unit will appeal to those who DJ professionally, as the name suggests. More from AlphaTheta Corporation:

AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of the euphonia from its AlphaTheta brand, a professional rotary mixer which creates an amazingly natural and smooth mixing experience.

Building on over 30 years of audio technology and innovation while paying homage to rotary mixers, known for their unique sound quality and playability that enables deep immersion in music, this is the first mixer to bear the AlphaTheta name and it's the company's first-ever rotary unit. The all-new 4-channel euphonia provides a euphoric musical experience that combines the clarity of digital and the richness of analog. This holy grail of sound characteristics is made possible by the high-resolution wide-ranging sound design and the inclusion of an analog transformer circuit, co-developed with Rupert Neve Designs, which enhances harmonics in your music to create an energetic and polished sound that enables smooth mixing.

Once you've fallen in love with the sound, you'll notice the supreme feel of the uniquely developed rotary faders which have been carefully designed to make you feel a deeper connection with the euphonia. The 3Band Master Isolator was also custom designed so you can make dynamic changes to the music and have more sensory control over your sound. Going one step further, you can turn your spontaneous musical inspiration into impactful sound by using the 3Band Master Isolator in combination with the new Boost Send feature for powerful performances.

All this is just the tip of the euphonia's "iceberg" as the mixer also features an Energy Visualizer, built-in Send FX, and multiple inputs and outputs to enable you to take your musical expression to the next level. The sound produced by the euphonia immerses you deeper in the music and promises richer musical experiences.

The Euphonia is available for €3,799 including VAT / $ 3,799 excluding tax / £ 3,249 including V AT

More on their site:


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