VibeLab NightSchool: Funding For Emerging Nightlife Curators

US EU's Creative Europe allocates €75,000      02/04/24

VibeLab NightSchool: Funding For Emerging Nightlife Curators

With many venues and artists facing difficult times across Europe, it's good to know there is funding for music events. NightSchool is a unique programme aimed at emerging night culture curators based on on three pillars: Social Awareness, Entrepreneurial Insights, and Environmental Sustainability. From June 3-8 2024, 15 selected participants will take part in a week-long peer development session in Italy, Latvia, and Belgium with each participant receiving a stipend of 3000€ to help bring their own innovative event idea come to life. 

Applications are open now, closing date for applications is April 12th. See below for details of who can apply. 

More info below: 

Five of Europe's leading nightlife specialists team up to present NightSchool: An EU wide training programme designed to support night culture producers early in their career. This transnational education programme will focus on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

The project sets to pair nightlife visionaries spanning promoters, bookers, venue owners, to hands-on creatives with industry veterans and experts from the European culture circuit. Funded by the European Union's Creative Europe, NightSchool will select 15 participants, providing a grant of €5,000 each. This will go towards facilitating a week of peer-learning sessions in multiple cities as well as to launching their own sustainable event ideas. Empowering individuals to turn their visions into reality is at the core of the programme.

NightSchool will offer recipients the chance to travel and engage in a sequence of face-to-face peer-learning sessions hosted by renowned experts and three distinguished European night culture venues. The programme launches with an open call to select young culture producers from across Europe. Together they will visit some of Europe's most respected venues and learn from the best in their field. 

Co-founder Mirik Milan emphasises, "Nightlife creatives and culture producers are first and foremost problem solvers. They are needed right now, more than ever to take on the unique challenges and opportunities of our rapidly evolving cultural sector."

The micro-funding scheme (€75,000) will support the selectees in pioneering and implementing sustainability-focused night culture events across all of Europe. To complement the training and mentorship programme, NightSchool is building an online resource and hybrid platform that offers educational content to a global audience, hosted and curated by a vast network of key experts within night culture and sustainability.


Applicants from all nationalities are welcome, if they are based in a Creative Europe Participating Country. This means it is possible to apply without being an EU citizen, as long as all funds from the micro-grant received by any participant are spent producing a sustainable event taking place in a so-called Creative Europe Participating Country. Creative Europe countries are the 27 EU Member states (including overseas countries and territories), and the following non-EU countries: Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Montenegro,  North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine; Armenia and Tunisia. Applicants based on, and planning to produce an event in any other country than these (including, e.g. the United Kingdom, or Switzerland) are not eligible unless they intend to host their events in one of the aforementioned countries. 

More info from the NightSchool webiste:

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