Audio Clipping Tool

US HoRNet Planer is designed for precise control over your audio dynamics      21/03/24

Audio Clipping Tool

HoRNet Planer is described as a meticulously crafted audio clipping tool engineered to deliver precise control over your audio dynamics. A spokesperson told us, "With a focus on quality and reliability, Planer ensures your audio remains alias-free, even when pushing the boundaries of clipping thresholds."

Here's the details direct from HoRNet...

Featuring a wide oversampling range from 16x to 256x, Planer minimizes aliasing artifacts, providing clean and accurate true peak clipping performances. Bid farewell to unwanted digital distortions and experience a new level of audio clarity. Planer's oversampling capability drastically reduces aliasing, ensuring a remarkably low level of -150dBs at 256 times oversampling. This makes aliasing virtually inaudible, preserving the integrity of your sound even under extreme processing.

At the core of Planer lies its customizable transfer function, offering seamless transitions between hard-limiting and smooth soft-saturation. Fine-tune your sound with control over clipping thresholds and knee shapes, achieving the desired balance between sharpness and musicality.

Navigating Planer's interface is straightforward, offering easy access to essential parameters such as input level, oversampling depth, and transfer function settings. Monitor your signal accurately with input and output meters, and utilize the Delta function to assess the clipping process's impact on your audio.

For added convenience, Planer includes a bypass feature to temporarily disable the clipping effect, preserving the original signal integrity. Additionally, with support for both light and dark modes, Planer seamlessly integrates into any production environment.


  •     High quality audio clipping tool that provides precision control over the clipping process
  •     Wide oversampling range option (16x to 256x) to ensure reliable and alias free true peak clipping performances
  •     Customizable transfer fuction allowing to seamlessy morph between hard-limiting and smooth soft-saturation.
  •     Linkable negative/positive ceiling value for setting the clipping threshold.
  •     Linkable knee shapes for shaping the transition region around the clipping threshold.
  •     Linkable input and output level to keep your volumes under control
  •     A handy clipper meter to monitor the clipped signal
  •     Delta function for soloing the clipping effect
  •     Bypass for temporary disabling the clipping effect
  •     Load and Save for factory and custom presets
  •     Light and Dark mode supported
  •     Vector user interface for a sharp visualization at any resolution
  •     Apple Silicon native support
  •     macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (Windows 10 and later) support
  •     64-bit on Mac and Windows
  •     Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format

Pricing and Availability:
€ 8.99

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