Purpose-Built Drum Amplification From Alesis

US Strike Amp 12 MK2 and 8 MK2      20/03/24

Purpose-Built Drum Amplification From Alesis

Alesis Drums has announced that it has launched the Strike Amp 12 MK2 and Strike Amp 8 MK2 - two new additions to its growing line of electronic drum amplification. They say that these amplifiers are specifically designed for the frequency ranges that electronic drum kits and multipad instruments produce, providing clear and powerful sound.

A spokesperson told us, "Both the Strike Amp 12 MK2 and Strike Amp 8 MK2 from Alesis are designed to cater to the needs of modern drummers, combining high power, exceptional sound quality, and advanced connectivity options to enhance any performance or rehearsal."

Here's more details from the company...

The Strike Amp series is highlighted by its robust features tailored for the modern musician. The Strike Amp 8 MK2 and Strike Amp 12 MK2 both deliver substantial power - 2000 watts and 2500 watts respectively. This power ensures sound is able to cut through in any performance environment.

Each model is crafted for easy integration into the user's setup, with Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless audio streaming, dual combo XLR + 1/4" inputs for direct instrument connection, as well as an XLR output for linking multiple amplifiers or connecting to a PA system. This thoughtful design accommodates various performance spaces including home and project studios and on-stage environments.

Pricing and Availability:
Strike Amp 8 - $299.00
Strike Amp 12 - $399.00

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