Unique Sample-Modeling Drum Machine

US Visco VST/AU resynthesis engine for drums lets you bend and stretch samples      19/03/24

Forever 8, a company founded by Ableton and Teenage Engineering veterans, says that, made for fluid and fast transformations of any drum sound, Visco is a new VST/AU plugin that can model any sample you supply, freeing you from the usual limitations of working with recorded audio.

A spokesperson told us, "When it comes to shaping drums, using the right samples can be the fastest way to the sound in your head. But altering them has its limitations. On the other hand, if you use synthesized sounds, you get all the flexibility in the world, but not everyone can design sounds without the right expertise. Make your samples come alive with Visco -- a VST/AU drum machine that can model any sample you supply, allowing you to focus on the creative process."

Here's more details direct from Forever 89...

Visco is equal parts designated beat maker, competent sound design tool, and live performance drum machine. In the middle of the interface, you'll find the blob -- a malleable representation of your sound on a 2D grid. Attached to the blob are character and shaping tools similar to modern UI design software, such as a hand, magnet, and eraser tool, allowing you to grab, pull, and push your sound however you please.

The included toolbox enables you to be creative and precise with sound design: bend and stretch samples across frequency and time, merge the qualities of two sounds into one, or fine-tune any sound to fit your mix. Each sound in Visco can consist of up to two sample sources, which you can freely mix to find the right timbre -- or use the onset of one sound and the tail of another to create something truly unique.

Visco also offers a sequencer with note generation, a generous modulation matrix, and a capable mixer section with high-quality effects to get you going. The performative macro section lets you fully control your sound while on stage. Additionally, Visco can receive external MIDI and send each sound out on separate buses for easy integration into your existing workflow.
Visco is a novel, capable, and playful way to engage with creative sound design and performance to make your music sound more like you.


  • 8-Voice Drum Engine -- Turn any drum sample into its synthesized counterpart, free from the usual limitations of recorded audio
  • Toolbox -- Drag, bend, invert, stretch, pitch, thin, or thicken your sound however you like with tools similar to modern graphic design software
  • Character and Shape section -- Go into detail and manipulate individual parameters for every sound, including time, frequency, timbre, velocity, and more, to create subtle and not-so-subtle variations
  • Macro controls -- Take control of global parameters and make your ideas come to life with performance-friendly macros
  • Fader -- Find the perfect blend of timbre between two samples, or use the onset of one sound and the tail of another to create something truly unique
  • Step Sequencer -- Develop complex ideas effortlessly or use the built-in beat generator for a flash of inspiration
  • Modulation Matrix -- Bring your idea to life with expansive modulation options
  • Mixer and Effects section -- Put the final touches on your idea and make it fit the bigger picture. Or send your sounds out on separate buses for effective post-processing inside your DAW
  • Preset and sound library -- Get going and feel inspired from the get-go with included presets and sounds

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price: €99 (Regular price: €139)

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