LNDSXPO 2024: Appollo View Rabbit Hole Summing Distortion

US 6 inputs with valve drive      18/03/24

John-Mark from Apollo View introduced their line of products, including the Rabbit Hole tube-based VCA summing mixer with subtle warmth to complete audio destruction. The Rabbit Hole features multiple waveforms, a sub-output, and CV control over various parameters for sound design flexibility. The product is priced at 349 and has been on the market for two years.

Additionally, Apollo View offers the Curiouser input expander, which serves as independent VCAs and can function as a two-channel summing VCA mixer when cascaded with Rabbit Hole. The Curiouser provides further versatility in signal processing and mixing, adding to the creative possibilities of the Apollo View ecosystem.

For more information on Apollo View products mentioned, you can visit their website here: 



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