LNDSXPO 2024: ALM /Busy Circuits Cizzle Dual Phase Distorion Oscillator

US With dual VCAs too      17/03/24

At The London Synth and Pedal Expo, Edd (yes that Edd!) was with  ALM and showcased the new Cizzle phase distortion module.

The module features two oscillators, with oscillator A offering a classic phase distortion sound and oscillator B providing Casio-style algorithms.

With individual outputs for each oscillator and built-in VCAs, users can easily create complex tones and textures. The Sizzle also includes chord mode, allowing for jazzy chord progressions and CV control over inversion.

Priced at 299 UK, the Sizzle is available now and can be purchased from various retailers, including Signal Sounds.



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