Divkid Output Bus - Solves A Lot Of Eurorack Problems

US Summing and Pro level audio outputs for your rig      05/03/24

Befaco and Divkid have teamed up again to bring us the Output Bus - a way to sum outputs into your master output with 1/8th, 1/4 jacks, headphones and metering. There are a lot of usefull functions built into this 8hp module - Divkid goes into depth on this in the intro video which explains the problems and solutions the Output Bus solves.


  • Six stereo inputs.
  • Line/synth selector in input six.
  • Modular level minijack out.
  • 6,5 mm Jack out.
  • Minijack and 6,5 mm phones out.
  • Led Vu-meter.
  • Soft clipping circuit at main output.

Available now as a pre-assembled unit or as a DIY kit. Price €211/€157 respectively




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