U-he Releases Zebralette 3 Public Beta

US A preview of the next phase of Zebra's evolution      22/02/24

As seen in our recent NAMM video, U-he has now released the public beta version of the forthcoming Zebralette 3 synth. The company says that it is the first big step towards the next phase of Zebra's evolution. They tell us that, like it's predecessor, Zebralette 3 consists of a single Zebra oscillator with a few modulation sources and effects added, all wrapped in a fresh and modern, fully vectorized GUI.

A spokesperson said. "The oscillator module alone is a world of its own, with a spline based wavetable editor at its core, up to sixteen wavetable snapshots featuring a variety of morphing options, two oscillator effect slots with over twenty effects to choose from, and an audio engine switchable between wavetable and additive synthesis."

Zebralette 3 will be completely free and the beta is available on the KVR U-he forum



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