How To Make Dancefloor Drum & Bass

US DC Breaks shares secrets with dBs Institute      19/02/24

Getting good advice on making professional sounding music can be difficult with so many people sharing their tips. Here we have an expert guide to making Drum and Bass, with over 3 hours of tutorials from DC Breaks covering the entire process of making a Drum & Bass track. He uses a pure Sine wave to start the process, and uses only Ableton Stock plugins and free Max4Live devices. 

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In this ultimate guide on how to make a Dancefloor Drum & Bass track, DC Breaks produces a track from scratch starting with just a pure tone sine wave for the drum sound design. Throughout this three-part series, he will only use freely available plugins from Ableton.

In this first part, he will be focusing on the drums. For more production tutorials and Learn From The Pros Masterclasses, don't forget to hit that subscribe button!

Introduction 02:18 - Designing sine and square waves 10:34 - The purpose of producing like this 11:36 - Generating white noise 18:02 - Designing a saw tooth wave 20:40 - Designing a realistic kick 34:00 - Designing a realistic snare 42:40 - Designing cymbals 50:04 - Designing Bongos and Toms 55:20 - Creating a drum pattern

 Follow up with part 2:

...and part 3


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