Tubbutec MC-2oh2 Tutorial & Demo

US Expansive Roland MC-202 modification on show      18/02/24

We've covered the Tubbutec MC-2oh2 a number of times, and in person at Superbooth last year. It adds a tonne of features to the mono-synth, all of which are on show here. The features include optimized operation for live performance, 3 completely independent synthesizer control channels, a sequence editor, arpeggiator, added noise sound, and 8-bit LOFI drum sample output! Frankly, it's almost a new machine! 

Here are the details in his words:  

In this demo we demonstrate some of the features and the workflow of the Tubbutec Mc-2oh2 modification for the Roland MC-202 synthesizer. MC-2oh2 adds a lot of additional features, such as MIDI, an pattern based sequencer, arpeggiatior extra modulations and more...

0:00 Introduction 1:19 Playing in Normal Mode 2:12 Note Modifiers 3:10 Create a pattern / editor 4:55 Play a pattern 5:50 PLAY mode features 6:40 EDIT while playing 6:55 Copy and paste patterns 7:27 Recording Songs 8:22 Song editor 9:03 Note lengths and rests 9:39 Arpeggiator 12:00 Euklidian Arpeggiator 12:35 The CHANnels 13:17 DRUM channel 14:56 Play with all 3 channels 15:57 The configuration menu 16:17 The Clock menu 17:04 Mod and Sound menu 17:20 Filter Accent 18:14 Filter ADSR 19:31 Filter LFO 21:55 PW ADSR & LFO 23:00 Noise settings 24:09 Managing SETs 24:55 MIDI Menu 26:22 CV/Gate input options 26:46 Tuning and scales 27:18 Epilogue 27:53 BONUS JAM

Order the kit and find out more here: https://tubbutec.de/mc-2oh2/


About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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