Baby Audio Atoms - Advanced Physical Modelling Synth

US Uses a unique ball and spring model      07/02/24

You may have seen our sneak preview of the new Atoms instrument from BABY Audio in our recent NAMM coverage. The all new instrument has been officially released today and has an interesting physical modeling approach concieved by Silvin Willemsen who developed a mass-spring network model which takes masses - usually virtual ball-bearing type objects, connected by a spring or series of springs. Hit that somewhere and it will resonate at a given frequency.

Baby audio have a video on the background:

Its an unusual idea, and this is what the sound engine of Atoms is based on as well as having a batch of physical modeling FX and modulations.

The result is complex and can be chaotic (in a good way).

Atoms ships with 250 presets created by industry-leading sound designers. This includes a free expansion pack called "Radioactive", by Zardonic, which explores the darker, more twisted sides of the instrument.

ATOMS is currently on offer priced at $59 ($99) thereafter.

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