Behringer Resurrects Legendary Spring Reverb

US Eurorack SPRING REVERBERATION 636 is based on the Grampian Type 636      31/01/24

Behringer has introduced the SPRING REVERBERATION 636 which they describe as a legendary spring reverb in a compact and portable Eurorack format.

A spokesperson told us, "We've brought back a legend so you can let your tone spring to life! Give your music that extra twang and sense of space. There's no Reverb like good Analog Reverb and this one has buckets full of it with a tasty preamp to boot. Rich, harmonic and dense, it's a great box for getting those vintage rounded sounds both in space and saturation."

 Here's more details direct from Behringer...

Emulating our heroes is one of the many things we can have fun with as musicians which is why we wanted the SPRING REVERBERATION 636 to be as faithful as possible to the original Grampian Type 636 used by Pete Townshend and legendary reggae dub master Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Now you can have their legendary secret ingredient added to your setup so you can create your very own masterpiece, or to just have fun with.

The 636 is a no-nonsense reverb unit. No digital emulation here. Inside, you'll find dual mechanical springs that provide that lush and dynamic reverb sound that no other reverb type can match. And if you bump the 636 it can even do that iconic spring reverb "sproing." Just be gentle with it.

We built the 636 to be as versatile as possible so you can use it with any instrument you want! The 636 accepts balanced and unbalanced mic inputs where you can control the input level with the Mic Channel knob as well as high- and low-level line inputs such as keyboards or guitars. The integrated overload circuit can even give you a warm analog overdrive before the signal gets passed to the reverb.

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