NAMM 2024: Poly Effects - Verbs - Convolution Reverb Pedal

US Wanna play your guitar in a nuclear reactor hall? Well now you can.      29/01/24

Loki from Chroma Coda Pty took the time to introduce their latest creation, the Verbs Convolution Reverb Pedal, at the Poly Effects Booth at NAMM 2024. Verbs brings real-world spaces into the guitarist's toolkit, with an array of captured environments, categorized for easy selection. From the acoustics of a nuclear reactor to the longest reverb in the world, users have the freedom to explore diverse sonic landscapes. Additionally, musicians can load their custom captures, providing a level of flexibility not often found in traditional pedals.

The controls on the Verbs pedal are designed for user-friendly navigation, with touch-based features allowing for easy preset changes. The pedal supports MIDI in and out, ensuring seamless integration into a broader setup. Featuring stereo inputs and outputs, as well as analog drive-thru for zero-latency on the dry signal, Verbs could be a versatile tool for both live and studio environments. The footswitches include standard on/off functionality and a unique "swell" mode, providing a vintage analog feel to the reverb trails.

For those eager to get their hands on the Verbs Convolution Reverb Pedal, it launched in December 2023. Due to high demand and positive reception, there might be a waiting list, but more stock is expected to arrive soon. The street price for the Verbs Convolution Reverb Pedal is $399 USD.

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