BAF 2024: 1010 Music - Nanobox Battery Case

US One case to power all the Nanoboxes complete with usb midi      28/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State caught up with Aaron from 1010 Music at Buchla and Friends to discuss their new battery-powered case for the Nanobox range. The easily attached unit serves as both a carrying case and a rechargeable battery, allowing users to power the device on the go. This transforms the Nanoboxes into truly portable powerhouses, and unlike other portable units with an internal battery, when the battery finally dies, as all batteries eventually do, you simply clip on another battery, and your Nanobox lives on.  The battery case has endurance of up to four hours, adds much requested USB midi functionality, and is compatible with all of the Nanobox range devices.

Nanobox Battery Case Available: February 2024. Price: 69 USD



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